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ஞாயிறு, 3 மே, 2009

10 Things Men Don't

Share with women..........
1.Men never admit to the number of beers they've had.The girl friend gets an inflated figure,the wife,a conservative estimate.
2.Women clutch a man's hand.Shudder and close thei eyes when they watch a horror movie.A man will never admit to wanting to do the same.
3.Men never walk on a treadmill.They only jog.
4.The cell phone is carefully guaded.Because guioty or not,woman don't belive there could be an innocent wxplanation behind a call or an sms.
5.Bringing office problems home are a strict no-no.Menlike to belive they can sort out problems on their own.
6.woman alone are brand conscious.No self-respecting man will admit to caring about what lable he sport.
7.A man may see jwellery or a dress that could look good on a woman,but never admit to noicing it.It would go against his idea cool.
8.Reaching the airport an hour early is not something a man would like to advertise.He will always 'just about make it in time'.
9.It's easy to win brownie points with a woman while claiming to be on an empty stomach.Admitting to having eaten a decent meal just does't win the same responce.
10.Only women go ga-ga over Shah Rukh Khan.Men can respectably only like Amir Khan - and only intellectually ofcourse.

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